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Lissa Schroeder is a gifted teacher, an engaging public speaker, and a licensed minister who has taught all over Alaska at retreats, conferences, home school workshops, and more. A born storyteller, she paints vivid emotional pictures that are inspiring and hopeful, that make your heart soar and leave you smiling. Mostly, she’s raised three amazing kids, homeschooling from preschool to med school. She lives in Fairbanks, Alaska, with her husband of 25 years and their youngest son, where she owns and runs a home school curriculum store.

Dedicated to Dorothy Raines.

The authentic, deeply loved Gramma Darling.


Thank you for all the time and love you gave this little girl and for always believing in me

I dedicate this to my mother, known by her grandchildren as "GrammaRita."


Cherished for the love and wisdom she has shared through the years.

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